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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to putting the fun in functional shoe lifts.  While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience.  If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch!  

We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come!

CommitTed To QUALITY

Shoe Lift Express is committed to providing our customers with excellent service with high quality results.  With over 35 years of modifying custom shoe lifts from our origin store Homewood Shoe Hospital, we have launched an online platform that makes this service accessible to all.  Our goal is to provide our customer with an enjoyable, professional service, by satisfying individual customers’ orthopedic shoe lift needs to enhance overall health and wellness.  For more information about our origin store checkout:


Ashad Malik
"Exactly as I had imagined it"
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I had been in search for a professional shoe lift artist for many years. I have had my previous shoes done in norther VA area and not many people could please me with their work, price and timing. Which led me to make my own shoe lifts. I came up with a particular method lift design which helps me do all my activities all while ensuring safety, the durability and long lasting of the lifted shoe is guaranteed. Simple Google search land me to SHOE LIFT EXPRESS from Alabama state. I was hesitant at first due to the far distance but I decided to email and call the place. With a very quick response and very customer focused reply from Mariana. I was in no time giving all my experience and details of the project I wanted done. I shared pictures via email and detailed shoe project videos personally with Victor (The Artist). In addition, I had a one on one personal phone call with Victor in fully understanding the process and expectations and from his call I could feel the trust and confidence in his voice and I knew I found the right man for the job. In no time I sent out the shoe just before the busy holiday time and once I received the email notification that the shoe had been delivered. It was not yet one day had passed that I received updates from Victor himself on my cell messages with pictures of the finished shoe. I was totally amazed by the speed of his work, the neat finishing job and doing it the way I asked. As a appreciation and the overwhelmed I felt for seeing the outcome of the shoe. I called Victor who attended the call and I thanked him very much and showed how much I appreciated his work, talent and his career/field of expertise as it helps people like me to live and engage in all normal activities that we enjoy. I now have the shoe in my possession and using it for all my favorite activities. It is exactly as how I imagined it, all while it looks stylish. All credits goes to Victor - Shoe Lift Express
Kimber Parker
"Sincerely care about their patients"
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Homewood Shoe Hospital is truly one of a kind. I don’t know what I would do without them. I live in Tuscaloosa and drive to Homewood every few months to have my custom ortho inserts and custom shoe lift adjusted. Now, with Shoe Lift Express, I don’t have to make the drive. I can just mail my shoes/inserts to Mariana and she’ll send them back with my requested adjustments. They are responsive to concerns and sincerely care about their patients. I have spent hours with Victor Costa making sure every adjustment is just what I need – which can be complicated. Vic makes the whole process feel comfortable and easy. Homewood Shoe Hospital easily knows my ortho needs better than any of my doctors! They have personally taken that “extra step” to get to know more about me, my friends, and my family during my appointments. The only downside to the new Shoe Lift Express option is that I won’t get to see Mariana and Vic as often. Ya’ll are the best. I’m so glad I found you.
Heath H.
"Quality work and professionalism"
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“I have needed a shoe lift my entire life. For that reason, I am very particular about who I use, as I place a lot of trust in that person and hope to stay with them for a long time. Shoe Lift Express is only the third company I have used, and I cannot be more pleased with the quality of work and professionalism. The staff are personable and attentive to my needs. If you are in need of a shoe lift, I cannot give them a higher recommendation.”
Rebeccah Carroll
"Never backs down from a challenging project"
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I met Vic as a very stubborn 15 year old who was determined to do a build up (7 inches!) instead of another prosthetic. Vic made my build ups for years and years after that. He always thought outside of the box to make them on the crazy shoes that I requested and to make them more and more light weight for me. His family became close friends and they are all the most caring, honest, and sincere people you can meet. Vic can take care of any need you have and never backs down from a challenging project!
Jenna Bailey
Jenna Bailey
"Attention to aesthetics"
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My daughter has needed a shoe lift since she was two. Victor and Mary Anna have always taken the time to watch her walk and make the best lift for her as her lift size has increased over the years. They are kind and so good at what they do, making sure to make each shoe look as “normal” as possible. So thankful for them!
Julie Manning Craft
"5 Stars!!!"
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"They are the best and I definitely recommend!"
Michael Mazer
"Exceptional craftsmanship"
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Shoe Lift Express is great! The staff combines the uncanny art of diagnosing difficult foot and posture issues with the exceptional craftsmanship required to make shoe and inserts that fix the problem. Improve your life and shop with Shoe Lift Express!

Sleek profileS

When it comes to shoe lifts, most customers prefer to have a lift that is pleasant to the eye.  We focus on shoe presentation that blends in to the untrained eye.  Our staff strives to give you quality results that are not only functional but also comfortable to wear.  

*Please note:  Not all colors or textures are able to matched identical to the manufacturer

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We will apply your instructions from the Order Form to your shoe lift including size, gradients, color and/or honeycombing. ​

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Please allow for 2 to 4 business for USPS to deliver your custom shoe lift. ​


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